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What services does your library offer?  Books, magazines, audiobooks, CDs, movies, downloadable ebooks and audiobooks, puppets, interloan items, internet access, free Wifi, copying, faxing, classes and programming, book discussions, Summer Reading Program, monthly book sale, movie nights, adult coloring, specified groups including genealogy and writing, study rooms, storytime, and the Bookmobile.

What is required in order for me to get a library card? All patrons must provide acceptable proof of residence, which is limited to: Driver’s License or State ID with current address, current utility bill, lease agreement, property deed, current tax receipt, or voter registration. Patrons under 18 years of age must have their application signed by a parent or legal guardian. Parent must provide proof of district residence for free card. The person who signs the library card application for a child under the age of 18 years is responsible for any outstanding fines, bills or overdue material on the child's library card.

Those inside our boundaries will receive a free library card upon proof of residency.  If those outside the district wish to have a Lenawee District Library card, they will be charged a fee:  $15 for six months or $30 for the year.

How do you determine who is in the district?

We use a website called CensusReporter that helps us find where addresses fall in the boundary.   We first check the "county subdivision" and then the "School District (Unified)".  Those in the following county subdivisions are considered a part of the district and receive a free card:

Adrian Township (except those in Tecumseh Public Schools)
Cambridge Township
Clayton Village
Deerfield Township
Dover Township (except those in Hudson Public Schools)
Fairfield Township
Franklin Township (except those in Tecumseh Public Schools)
Macon Township (except those in Tecumseh Public Schools)
Madison Township
Palmyra Township (except those in Blissfield Community Schools)
Raisin Township (except those in Tecumseh Public Schools)
Ridgeway Township (except those in Tecumseh Public Schools)
Rollin Township (except those in Hudson Area Schools)
Rome Township
Seneca Township (Sand Creek Schools only)
Tecumseh Township (except those in Tecumseh Public Schools)
Woodstock Township

Click HERE to see a description of the boundaries and a district map.

What does it mean if I live in the district? Those who own property within our district boundaries pay annual 0.6 mills annually in taxes toward a millage to support the Lenawee District Library. The estimated cost per year for a home valued at $150,000 is $45.00, $100,000 is $30.00, and $50,000 is $15.00.

If you are a part of the district and you pay into the millage, your library card is free.

What will happen if I am not a part of the district? Can I still get a library card? Those who do not live within our district boundaries can still get a library card, but because they do not pay toward the millage, there is a fee in order to do so. The cost of a library card for a non-district resident will be $30.00 for a year or $15.00 for six months. This fee will cover everyone in the household who wishes to receive a card.

Can I apply for a library card onilne?  No.  Because we require proof of residency (and sometimes payment for membership), patrons are not allowed to apply online.

Can I still attend library programs and events without a library card?  Yes!  All programs offered by the library are free and open to the public.  A library card is never required to attend library-hosted events.

How long can I check out items?  Most materials are loaned out for four weeks.  New adult fiction, puppets, music CD's and magazines are loaned for two weeks.  DVDs are loaned for one week.  Interloan items are loaned for twenty-eight days unless it's a CD or movie, then it is loaned for one week.

What if I do not wish to check out items but only use the Internet?  For those who wish to only use the Internet, we offer free "Internet Only" cards.  You can get one of these cards even if you do not live within the district. 

Do you have a place for me to study? We have three study rooms available for studying, quiet reading, or meetings.  If you are looking to hold a small meeting here (no more than 6 people), you must reserve the room by calling 517-263-1011.

What does "Interloan" mean?  The library has the ability to borrow items from libraries within the state of Michigan through the Mel-Cat Interloan System.  As long as a patron account is in good standing, requests can be put in through the library or online here.

What if I'm not finished with an item?  Can I have more time?  Library items have three renewals unless there is a waiting list.  Interloan items have a renewal policy of one renewal, regardless of item type.

What if an item is late?  There is a fee for items that are not returned on time.  The fee is $.10 a day per item with a max of $5.00.  These fees will be added to the patron account.

What if I lose my library card? Can I get another one? Yes; there is a $2.00 replacement cost.

Do you accept donations? Yes.  We accept all items that are in good or gently used condition, with the exception of Encyclopedias, magazines and text books. Books cannot be more than 25 years old. We are only accepting 25 books per person per week at this time.